Our Grooming Process

At Waggin’ Tails we offer a unique service of hands on grooming only. Your dog is hand washed in biodegradable, hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners that are specified to your dogs coat and skin condition. Your dog will never be subjected to a metal cage with hot air blowing on it for hours. We ONLY hand dry our dogs while standing or sitting on the grooming table. Your dog is offered a room to roam in with beds to relax in, other dogs to play with, and access to fresh water. Your dog will be taken for a pee break as well as given any breaks it may need during the grooming process to limit any stress your dog may experience. We strive to make the process as relaxing and enjoyable as we can to promote your dogs health and well being. The more comfortable your dog is in the environment the faster and easier the groom, an all around win-win situation for dogs, the owners, and the groomers. We look forward to assigning a regular grooming program for your special companion.

Why Groom Your Dog?

When we get a new dog, we think of all the fun things associated with having our four legged companion. Playing with toys, going for walks, car rides, cuddles and snuggles. Grooming your dog can often times go overlooked. You wouldn’t think of going days or months without bathing or brushing your hair, the same should apply to your dog. We also trim our nails and clean our ears, often feeling much better about ourselves now that we are clean and taken care of. Your dog feels the same way after grooming, all brand new, comfortable and taken care of. When you dog is groomed regularly, it becomes an enjoyable experience for both you and your beloved dog. We often wait too long to get our dogs groomed and it becomes a painful ordeal that only a professional can cope with. Please have your dog groomed regularly to avoid unnecessary stress and pain caused by neglect. Grooming your dog often and between appointments is as important as feeding and walking your dog.

There are a number of health reasons to get your dog groomed.

  • 1. Cleaning of debris/soil that could harm skin and coat
  • 2. Overall check of your dog’s body (new lumps, flea, lice check)
  • 3. Anal glad check
  • 4. Nail trim (so your dog doesn’t walk uncomfortably)
  • 5. Shedding coat removal
  • 6. Cleaning of eyes and ears
  • 7. Oral hygiene
  • 8. Dematting (prevent skin from irritations and moving painfully).

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